4x4 Driving Throughout Namibia

In a country as big and diverse as Namibia, you can obviously expect some amazing scenic drives that require the use of a 4x4. Through stunning mountainous areas, unspoilt coastal drives, canyon views and sandy roads, some parts of Namibia were specifically built with a 4x4 in mind.

Luckily for tourists there are many different 4x4 companies available for you to hire a 4x4 from and really hit the road, but there are of course some things that you should know before going out to hire one.

Always check with the company you hire your 4x4 from if they offer repair and road side service. Given you are in another country where you will no doubt have no idea where you are, you will need to have the peace of mind knowing that should the worst happen you will be covered.

Your own road side assistance or insurance won't cover you in Namibia, so make sure you at least know what options you have should the something happen during your journey.

You should also check with the company the age of the vehicles and how many kilometres they have been driven. An older vehicle with a high kilometre reading could lead to a broken down vehicle, and this then would leave you stranded and wasting precious time on your trip. A majority of the companies will no doubt offer new vehicles, and it's sometimes better to pay that little bit extra to ensure you have a sturdy vehicle rather than one that won't last 100 kilometres.

Another important fact you need to check is where the vehicles can be driven. If you plan to drive into a neighbouring country, check with your car rental company (and visa regulations) to ensure that everything is in order before you leave.