Money and Valuables in Namibia

There are a number of ways you can access your money overseas that you can arrange before you leave - these would include travellers cheques, credit cards, cash, cash cards or debit cards.

Your bank would tell you what the best applicable currency would be and also if your ATM card would work overseas. Never allow your credit card to leave your sight during purchases.

Passports, visa's, tickets and travellers cheques should all have two photo copies – one kept in a separate location and the other left accessible at home with a person.

Carrying too much cash is unwise as is displaying expensive watches, jewelry and cameras  as it can attract thieves.

Criminals may try to steal your passport for illegal activities so it is a highly sought item.

You are required by law to report it if stolen so keep it well hidden in a safe place.
If it is stolen, you can report it on-line, or contact your nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate immediately.

Replacing a stolen passport will incur an additional fee in addition the length of validity or type of replacement passport may be restricted by the Government.