Travel Blog Jobs

Not everybody can dream of going to the arid sub-Saharan Kalahari Desert or the hyena infested Bwabwata National Park. Those who can and love to write, may gift web-based travel blogs to nature lovers. Just take up one of our travel blog jobs and follow the steps.

Travel Blog Jobs: a Novel Way to Show the World Your Experience, Adventure, and Hilarity in Namibia
AA Education Network has a lucrative opportunity for adventurous travel writers who love to scribble their wonderful experience of visiting the harsh yet majestic deserts, dunes, coasts, and wildlife of Namibia.
You can write about:

  • Locations – facts about geographical spots, natural habitat or how people live.
  • Tours – information about how to organize a camp, safari trip, trekking or hiking trip, and more.
  • Day-to-day account – narration of what travellers face and how do they cope with various extreme situations in Namibia.
  • Anecdotes – stories about adventure, hilarious journeys, and more that you have experienced as a traveller.

Why Pick Us?
Although there are thousands of wildlife and tourism magazines surviving on Namibia's rich natural habitat, flora and fauna, yet it is difficult for young writers to make their mark in these magazines. You need to wait for your turn, undergo many proposals, before you can finally write your travelogue. With our travel blog jobs however, you start writing instantly.
You can...

  • Store your travel accounts safely at our site forever.
  • Write as many travelogues you want - for free. There is unlimited space for you.
  • Talk to fellow writers. Get new ideas about net marketing and holiday tours to Namibia.
  • Use our interface effortlessly, even if you are new to the system.
  • Upload articles and photos quickly and effortlessly.
  • Get reviews, comments and recognition from readers as our blog section has an option to include readers comments as well.

How You Earn?
Our travel blog jobs allow travellers to post their articles at any time of the day and from anywhere. Even when you are doing something else, our blog system is working just for you. This is how it works:

  • Attractive articles fetch high PR value in search engines. More readers read your articles.
  • If you enrol to a free-advertisement generating site, it generates adverts for your article. Better articles will fetch lucrative adverts.
  • If you enrol to social media networks, your articles get recognized by social network viewers. A popular article can go viral and within minutes your write up fetches good reviews.

...And, we are with you at all times. Our support desk is available to help you in case you are stuck anywhere in this blogging effort.
Our travel blog jobs allow travel writers and photojournalists to create their portfolio. You can create photo albums and well-made travelogue. Refer it to anyone as our interface is reliable enough to keep your work published at all times.
Apply now to work as a blogger for our travel blog jobs.