Food and Cuisine in Namibia

Namibian's all over the country are extremely fond of outdoor cooking and it is not uncommon to come across the locals cooking outside on a barbeque and enjoying the outdoors with their delicious cuisine.

As well as a barbeque, there are also various outdoor ovens that are used to create numerous dishes. Namibian Food is based heavily on German dishes, with a hint of South African influence.

Namibian food comes from a wide variety of wild game (wild birds, zebra and ostrich) which are hunted within the country then served up in local restaurants and is extremely flavoursome.

Other popular foods in Namibia include a wide variety of sausages and meats which are processed, likewise with the landjager. Seafood is very popular within Namibia as well, with oysters among the very popular dishes.

Traditional Namibian food comes from soup and porridge that is made from ingredients such as millets and cornmeal. The German influences previously mentioned are most commonly found through the countries breads, broetchen and desserts, such as pastries and cakes.

Some popular local foods:

  • smoked meat dish of Rauchfleish
  • air dried meat dish of Biltong
  • bush stew dish of Potjiekos

The Namibian's favourite drink is beer, and they are extremely fond of two Namibian national beers in Windhoek lager and Tafel lager. All of these Namibian foods and beverages add to the unique flavour and culture that is Namibia!