Travelling in Namibia

As with any country you travel to there are numerous safety tips to follow and this is no different when you travel to Namibia. Namibia is a beautiful country but you should always cautiously follow these instructions in order to remain safe in the country.

  • You should always pay attention to the news and monitor any activity going in within the country before you travel to Namibia. There is the chance for high amounts of criminal activity in the country so look on to websites designed to give you advice about travelling to specific countries before you venture to Namibia.
  • Always make sure of your own personal security when in the country and stay close to the people you are travelling with. Avoid travelling alone in certain areas of the country and always stay together with other people when walking around cities at night time.
  • The HIV/Aids rate in Namibia is extremely high. If you are to engage in certain activities that will put you at risk of infection always make sure you take the proper precautions to prevent spreading the disease and contracting it yourself.
  • There is the risk of landmines in certain areas of the country, especially in the Kavango and Caprivi areas in the north-east and other areas bordering Angola. Always stick to pre-determined travel routes and never go of course if you are by yourself.
  • Check to see if your country has an embassy in Namibia, and if it doesn't you should check to see where the nearest embassy is.
    Countries such as Australia don't have an embassy and the nearest embassy is in South Africa, so you should always research where your countries nearest embassy is in the event of an emergency or other incident that requires you to contact your embassy.
  • Always be smart before you depart and take out things such as travel insurance to ensure your trip is a safe one and to ensure that you are covered in the event of something going wrong. Be wary at all times and don't take everything for granted.