Facts about Namibia

Namibian facts for you to enjoy!

Namibia is a beautiful country that we're sure you are going to love when you visit it, but before you venture to Namibia here are some facts that you may find extremely interesting and will help you enjoy your visit to the country even more!

  • Namibia is made up mainly of desert and is a country with some of the wildest coastlines in the entire world. The population spread of the country is varying sparse but its numerous different cultures mixed through a wide variety of tribes will entrance you when you visit. It is also very wealthy when it comes to diamonds, wildlife and wilderness.
  • The size of Namibia is approximately 825,418 sq km and is around the same size as Germany and France combines. It is bordered between South Africa and Angola and the capital city of Namibia is Windhoek.
  • For a large country Namibia has a tiny population, with only 2 million people living in the country. This gives it one of the sparsest population densities anywhere in the world.
  • The official language of Namibia is English although it only represents about 7% of the population when it comes to being spoken. The most commonly spoken language in Namibia is actually Afrikaans which accounts for a whopping 60% of the entire population. German is also spoken widely in Namibia, with 32% of the population being fluent in German. There are numerous other languages spread throughout the country, mostly made up of various tribal and indigenous languages.
  • The climate of Namibia is a desert climate and rainfall is very rare and the country is a very hot place to be. The coolest place to be in the country is along the coast while the hottest months are between December and March. If there is any rainfall it usually occurs anywhere between October and April.
  • The best time to go to Namibia is definitely in between May and October as this is the time when the climate is at its coolest. Other times you may find yourself struggling with the heat.

Facts about Namibia

The lifestyle that makes Namibia a great country!

Economy: Namibia is the secondly most sparsely populated country in the world. The economy of Namibia relies on farming, tourism and mining.

Leisure Activities: With large rural areas, Namibians love going bush: camping, bush walking, fishing, hunting.

Namibian Cities: In Namibian cities you can find a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Namibian Religions: Christianity: 50% Lutheran. 10%-20% indigeneous beliefs

The oldest tribe in Namibia: Himba, who still live the traditional lifestyle they have enjoyed for thousands of years.

Aids in Namibia: Unfortunately AIDS is a big issue throughout the Namibian country and this has a heavy impact on the culture of the country. It's something that adds a slight dark side to the bright future and people that make up Namibia.