Let's go to Sossusvlei and be amazed!

The amazing region of Soussesvlei is somewhere that any visitor to Namibia should put right at the top of their too see list.

This amazing area of salt and clay pans is a visual beauty and somewhere which you will remember for the rest of your life. It is smack back in the southern part of the Namib Desert and is surrounded by stunning red high dunes which will take your breath away!

Nearby you can also find the other dunes of Dead Vlei, which makes the Soussesvlei area one of the most visited regions in the entire country. Soussesvlei itself is from many different languages and is often referred to as meaning 'dead end marsh'.

The sand in the area which forms the dunes is of a unique pink and orange colour which gives a sense of amazement to all who visit the area. The darker and redder the colours of the dunes are, the older they actually are, and they are among some of the oldest and highest dunes in the world. In some areas the dunes reach an amazing 200m in height!

Many of the dunes are covered in thick vegetation which is helped out by the many rivers in the area which flood in the summer months. After the floods have passed, the sand can turn a white colour due to the way it dries in the area.

There are numerous animals to be seen in the area as they flock to live on the water, with many reptiles, mammals and other types making the area their home. So if you are after an amazing scenic experience during your visit to Namibia, make sure you include Soussesvlei on your list! Your friends and family will be jealous you did!