Flying to Namibia

A long haul flight is never a pleasant thing and can often be a major hindrance to you. You just wish you could get to your destination a lot faster and hope the trip goes by quickly but unfortunately before you get to Namibia you will have to take a long journey there. As with any long haul flight there are certain ways you can pass the time and here are some tips that we hope you will find useful to pass the time and make it a much more pleasant flying experience as you arrive in beautiful Namibia.

  • Try and avoid jet lag by adjusting yourself to the time zones in Namibia from where you are travelling. Jet lag is a bad thing to experience when you arrive in a new country and you really would much rather be able to get off the plane and straight outside and experience all that Namibia has to offer. You could even get yourself some sleeping tablets for the plane, just as long as they aren't too powerful you are still asleep when you arrive!
  • Always keep your shoes on when on a plane. You don't want to have to step into any nasty surprises when you use the airplane bathroom, and you never know what other items may be on the floor if you get up in the middle of the flight to use the bathroom.
  • Make sure you drink as much as possible and don't let yourself get dehydrated when on the flight. You should always try and drink as much water as possible when flying and don't drink too many soft drinks, tea or coffee.
  • Toiletries such as toothpaste and deodorant are great if you want yourself to keep feeling fresh when on the plane. It can become a smelly place fast but you can avoid being one of them by keeping ahead of this!
  • If you want to eat a little earlier than other people you could always order a special meal. This is great for vegetarians as they are always served first ahead of others! You won't unfortunately have your tray cleared any sooner though.
  • Make sure you exercise as much as possible when you are on the flight as the threat of deep vein thrombosis is dangerous. Most air companies will have in flight magazines that will detail the methods involved in preventing this, so make sure you have a good read of these during your flight

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