Travel checklist for before you leave!

So you're going to Namibia and have no idea what to pack?! Well fear not travellers because we are here to help! We have helped you compile a list of essential items you will need to take with you when you travel to Namibia, so follow this list carefully for the best things to take when you are travelling to the beautiful Namibia!

  • A decently packed first aid kit is essential! There are large parts of the country in which you will struggle to find decent medical treatment so always making sure you have bandages, band aids and other medical essentials is always a good start. Make sure you have insect repellent and items that can help against malaria as well as medication for diarrhoea as these are common in the country.
  • Bring lots of sun block, lotion for moisturising, hats and lip balm as Namibia is a very dry place in which you will find yourself exposed to the sun for long periods of time! Be very sun smart and you will soon be able to cope in the heat, although you should always be extra cautious all the time.
  • Shoes that are great for walking and hiking. As Namibia is a country that is worth exploring on foot and doing lots of hiking and other forms of exploration you should make sure you even bring a few back up pairs of shoes for the long journeys you may find yourself taking throughout your trip. Always better to be safe rather than sorry!
  • Pack yourself other items such as swimsuits in case you wish to take a dip in one of Namibia's many pristine watering holes, binoculars for a great view of areas from a distance, razors that are operated by batteries so that you don't find yourself in the middle of nowhere and nothing to shave with, a flashlight for night time viewing, dehydration solutions so that you can prevent yourself from becoming dehydrated as well as numerous amounts of clothes and of course a good camera to take as many memories of your trip back home with you!

Travel Experiences Namibia

You are invited to come back to this site after you have been to Namibia to by posting your own travel experiences! Some examples on our site include:

  • Personal blogs and experiences from a wide variety of different people, each detailing many different aspects of their trip to Namibia which they found worked for them. These include places to visit, places to avoid, food to eat and areas to experience to really captivate your total Namibia experience.
  • The best money saving advice so that you can go to Namibia not having to constantly worry about how much money you are spending and if you will be ok financially! It can of course be a difficult thing to remain on top of your money when you go overseas so we will help you out when it comes to the best money matters in travelling to Namibia.
  • Advice on all sorts of different foods as you will experience a gastronomically adventure like you have never experienced before! Some of our contributors will have some very positive and some very negative things to say about all varieties of food in Namibia!
  • The potential for you to contribute your own personal tales of Namibia and allow others to read all about them! You may experience Namibia in a completely different way compared to others on this site, so it's a perfect chance for you to get your brain out of its shell and really divulge into what you thought about Namibia and have others hear of your experience!

Have a bit of a look around and see what you think. And keep checking back constantly so that you can always ensure you are up to date with everything to do with Namibia and travelling there!