The city of Windhoek in Namibia

When visiting Namibia, the chances are that you will arrive and depart from the capital city of Windhoek.

Windhoek is located in the central area of the country and is surrounded by some stunning highland landscape that reflects a truly majestic country.

It has some of the driest and cleanest air in the world and its highland climate as well as low crime rate has given it a high place amongst the African community. It's people are extremely diverse, with numerous different cultures making up the streets of the capital.

Given the German history of the country, you will find many areas of the city which reflect German architecture and give you a distinct European feel to the country. In all areas of the city too you will find yourself amazed at the low crime rate and often feel as though you are no longer in Africa.

So whether you are flying into Windhoek and travelling elsewhere in Namibia or simply using it as a place to depart the country, you should allow yourself some time to explore the city and see everything that Windhoek has to offer. You won't regret it!