The Stunning Fish River Canyon

The Fish River Canyon, the World's second largest canyon and largest canyon in all of Africa. This amazing piece of landscape is over 150km in length and is a whopping 27km wide, and over 550 metres depth.

The photographic opportunities with the Fish River Canyon are endless, with all areas presenting great opportunities for some amazing photos. The Fish River runs directly into the canyon and is the longest river inside the borders in the entire country of Namibia.

It has a tendency to flood heavily in the summer months and remain in drought throughout the winter months itself. There are many other attractions that tourists find popular throughout the canyon, such as the hot springs resort of Ai-Ai at the lower part of the canyon.

A large portion of the canyon itself is privately owned, however there is around 70km of the canyon open to tourists and visitors.
One of the major areas that tourists venture to is the 85 km Fish River Hiking Trail. Hikers can get amazing views of the canyons and do the trek anywhere between 3 to 5 days.

There are no facilities along the trail for camping so you need to be well prepared to rough it! This hike is only open during the winter months due to the chances of flooding and temperatures exceeding 45 degrees. But for those of you who aren't experienced hikers and are looking for an amazing trip in Namibia, put the Fish River Canyon on the top of your list as a must see!