The country of Namibia and its large landscape

Namibia is a huge country and has lots of space spread throughout. It is extremely dry in some regions so if you plan to go in the desert ensure you have plenty of water to come with you!

One great thing about Namibia is that the cities are far from over crowded, and the capital city of Windhoek is often regarded as the cleanest city in all of Africa. If you plan on moving to Namibia with children, you can be rest assured that the country has some of the finest schools in the world.

Many Namibian's go on to highly successful careers, and this all comes down to their education system. You do need to register your children early though, and be prepared for some expensive fees. You do also need to keep your wits about you in Namibia.

Don't feel as though it's a dangerous place due to the many high walls and electric fences. But also don't feel as though you should become complacent with your safety. Observe safety procedures just like you would in any other place in the world, and attempt to avoid being alone on the streets in cities at night time. Obtaining work in Namibia can be difficult, especially in the higher paying jobs.
But with the right skills and mindset you will be able to achieve a lot in the country. With many different areas to consider within Namibia, you should always do research before committing long term to a move in the country. Once you do however, you will soon find yourself living in a country that has a lot going for it!