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A Unique Opportunity for Web Travel Writers to Produce Attractive Travelogue and Win Cash and Recognition

Looking for an intriguing and eye-catching topic is one of the difficult jobs of a writer. But if you are travelling in the Twfylfontein valley in Namibia, you are in luck as wildlife in this country is iconic and gives you the scope to write numerous travel stories.
How about taking up an online freelance writing job, travel to deep spots in nature-rich Namibia, and script some historical facts about the countries natural heritage? We have such a scope for you.
What We Offer?
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In short, you get:

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What You Need to Do?
Namibia is a thrilling spot to travel. From desert elephants to Skeleton Coast, the African country gives tourists a scope to click photos, shoot videos, or write interesting travel articles. You can easily capture the beauty of Dinosaur tracks and Otijihaenamaparero Farm. In short, Namibia has attractive stories to say.
While travelling, write such stories by:

  • Giving your story a purpose and an audience.
  • Making the travelogue to flow from facts to imaginations. You can use illustrative pictures, historical anecdotes, and more to proof your point.
  • Making readers become viewers and the other-way-round through unique snapshots.

...And, make your stories personal. Have a voice, avoid the usual content, and encourage your blog to be read and commented by people.

Why our Proposition is an Opportunity?

You write and reap the fruit as well. Money, reputation, and esteem earned through your write ups go to you. We only offer you a medium at no cost. Our support service helps you to market your blogs for the web through social media networks, search engine optimization, Pay-per-Click options, and more.
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