Why Namibia - 10 good reasons

  1. Virtually 365 days of sunshine yielding, outstanding hiking, mountain biking, sandboarding and horseback safaris.
  2. Excellent, comprehensive Safaris on game reserves for sightseeing and photography of Africa's iconic wildlife: elephants, lions, antelope, Gnu and rhino.
  3. Has world class protected National Parks not only the legendary Etosha  but also Namib-Naukluft Park. The Namib and kalihari deserts and the long 'Skeleton Coast' with its vast haunting beauty are also must-see destinations.
  4. Campsites are well tended and cared for at these parks with full facilities.
  5. Extensive and fully appointed Safari package tours are available - from hotels through to on-site viewing from dedicated canopied vehicles.
  6. For hunters, Namibia is one of the top open big-game areas still available - Safaris for the choosing.
  7. Has one of the planets toughest trails for the seriously avid hiker/camper/adventurer in the tour of the  Fish River Canyon Park.
  8. Very good infrastructure connecting most destinations and accommodations are quite good for so small a country.
  9. A politically stable nation in a region not always known for this.
  10. Self-drive options and tours are available and also a first rate motorcycle tour exists if that is your desire and fully covers much of Namibia's main touring spots.
  11. Namibia is a world class experience in both searingly beautiful landscapes and also of Africa's iconic wildlife.
  12. Excellent accommodations are available at its capital Windhoek and also outward bound still comfortable at most main sightseeing locations.
  13. Has good infrastructure in a country with a pop. of only 2 million and where the terrain is mainly desert.
  14. A must-see surreal landscape and vistas, the Namib Desert is the oldest on earth at over 50 million years as well as the Kalahari Desert to the south.
  15. Namibia is home to one of the planets biggest canyon, second only to America's Grand Canyon, the Fish River Canyon and is a spectacular 160 Km (99 miles) long.
  16. The hauntingly beautiful and barren seascape and dunes of the legendary 'Skeleton Coast' where many a shipwreck has occurred.Dinosaur tracks in sandstone 200,000 years old may be viewed on the Otijihaenamaparero Farm near Kalkfeld.
  17. 19th century German colonial architecture may be toured and viewed in places such as the diamond ghost town (preserved) of Kolmanskop and also the quaint resort town of Swakopmund.
  18. Twfylfontein is an amazing valley that has the largest collection of rock art from prehistoric times. Also just nearby and seen from this town are the desert elephants whom are legendary for some of the greatest heights of all elephants on earth.
  19. Namibia's National Parks have excellent facilities, some with restaurants and shops. Most have nightly rental of bungalows with kitchens