Namibia frequently asked questions

There will always be numerous questions you find yourself asking when you travel to a new country and going to Namibia is no exception. Here we hope to answer a few of these frequently asked questions and provide you with some peace of mind before you travel to the beautiful country of Namibia.

When I go to Namibia will I need a Visa to enter?: Yes absolutely, and you will of course require a valid passport as well. Visas will depend on which country you are coming from as Namibia does have some good ties with certain countries that allow a certain amount of time in Namibia without a visa. If you are unsure you should check with your country to see what visa you will require when you come to Namibia.

If I am coming from South Africa into Namibia what do I need to do to get in?: You will need to follow certain rules and have your passport ready with you. Some rules will apply to your vehicle driving across the border and there will be a fee involved for each car as well as trailer. You should check to see about these fees before you enter.

Where will I be able to eat in Namibia?: Well this is of course up to you, but there are many areas spread across the country to chose from with great restaurants, markets and other food areas. Namibian food culture is amazing and you will enjoy every single piece of food you eat when you are in the country, we guarantee it!

What can be done when I'm in the capital of Windhoek?: The question shouldn't be what can you do, but what can't you do! Windhoek is a city filled with so many activities that you might not even need to leave the city at all to have a good time! Activities such as camping, day trips, shopping tours, art galleries and horse riding are just naming a few of the hundreds of activities you can do when you are in the nations capital!

When should I plan to travel to Namibia?: Again, this is up to you really but you can always try and visit Namibia at any time during the year! If you do want to come to Namibia to experience the diverse African wildlife you should probably try and come during the non-rainy season to really experience the diversity of the landscape and wilderness. This period is between May and September and will offer you the best times to see all sorts of animals.

Should I book accommodation before I come to Namibia?: It is recommended yes. You don't want to show up in Namibia and go to book, only to find out that everywhere you want to stay is completely booked out do you?

I don't like travelling during school holidays, when are the Namibian School Holidays?: Generally you will find the school holidays in Namibia fall in April/May, August/September and then December/January.

What sort of electrical outlets and power conversions are in Namibia?: the standard in Namibia for electricity is run on 220/240 watts and has a 3 pin plug that is exactly the same as in South Africa. You can always pre purchase international conversion plugs before you depart or check with local stores when you arrive in Namibia.