Driving in Namibia

If you head to any foreign country and are looking at driving whilst you are there you obviously need to know the basics to driving around according to their rules and road conditions to ensure you have a safe journey. This is no different when it comes to driving in Namibia so here are some tips when it comes to driving in the country.

  • In Namibia they drive on the left hand side so if you are used to driving on the right this could be the first obstacle to overcome. Always make sure you are prepared with the various differences this will bring for you when driving and keep an eye out for any other differences you aren't prepared for when on the road.
  • It is illegal to use a mobile phone driving and seat belts must be worn when on the road. The speed limit in most built up areas is around 60km/h whilst on open roads it is usually 120km/h. Gravel roads you will find the speed limit is 100km/h although you should always check road signs if you aren't sure.
  • If you are travelling long distances you should always carry cash with you as you will find the service stations along the road will only accept cash. These stations are scattered right across the countryside and quite often will be hard to find so never pass one on your journey and assume there will be another one soon. You should also realise that mobile phone coverage in the country is quite poor so try and always tell everyone where you are going as they may not be able to get in contact with you.
  • If you are in Windhoek you will find numerous road blocks in and out of the city. Don't be scared of these as these are just there for your safety. Make sure you have a current drivers license with you at all times and present this to the police when requested to. You will find driving in cities and towns in Namibia that most drivers are generally pretty friendly and courteous so enjoy your time and remain safe!