The amazing Skeleton Coast of Namibia

One of the most spectacular sights you will see in Namibia is the stunning Skeleton Coast. It stretches along north-west Nambia up into the southern parts of neighbouring Angola.

Both Namibian locals and Portuguese sailors have referred to Skeleton Coast as 'The Land God Made in Anger' or 'the Gates of Hell'.

Thick dense fog is common in the area due to the cold current. Rain is extremely rare and it can be extremely inhospitable.

The Skeleton Coast is popular amongst surfers due to the heavy surf, however it remains impossible for boats to dock in the conventional way.

The official name of the 'Skeleton Coast' is due to the constant discovery of seal and whale bones spread along the beaches during the period when whaling was still an active part of the area and due to the shipping remains.

Historical areas of the coast show that forms of human life have existed along the area, with Strandloper shells and middens being discovered over time.

The Skeleton Coast is certainly extremely haunting & historically important and well worth a visit.