Namibia accommodations can be selected from two main categories: your budget and the style

Budget: will be your cheapest option ( under R500/night) with the most basic amenities for you to enjoy during your stay

Mid: consists of a slightly higher rate (R500 - R1250/night), with slightly better facilities is a fairly popular choice due to the fact that you receive a bit of extra style

Luxury: the perfect way to stay in luxurious surroundings (R1250 - R2500/night.)

Ultra Lux: for those who have a bit of extra money to spend (R2500 /night).

Namibia Accommodation Style

Lodge: A luxurious surrounding for you and your friends/family as you immerse yourself in the Namibian landscape in some stunning accommodation

Hotel: Generally you will find hotels within the cities and towns of Namibia and while some are basic, some are also extremely luxurious and will cost you a significant amount of money

Guest House: A great way to experience the Namibian lifestyle as you stay within somebody else's house

Guest Farm: The same as above, except the accommodation falls on a farm environment for more of an experience

Resort: The ultimate experience in luxury, you can find various resorts right across Namibia to really make you indulge

So whether you are on a budget or you have money to burn, you can find it all in Namibia!

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